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Administrative Law

Updated: Jul 10

Whether the issue is interpreting legislation through the rule-making process, licensing, regulatory matters or full Chapter 120 Administrative Law proceedings, Christopher Benjamin has the experience necessary to provide his clients with effective representation.

The experience that Christopher Benjamin brings to the table with the ability to assist clients in every aspect of representation is paramount. He and his team of attorneys have appeared extensively in administrative proceedings at the Division of Administrative Hearings as well as settlement negotiations with the Division. These attorneys are qualified to appear, when necessary, in the state’s appellate courts on administrative law and constitutional issues.

Often, our attorneys have the familiarity necessary to provide our clients with the opportunity to access state government in ways that permit resolution of concerns in an informal arena — without the need to resort to adversarial hearings or proceedings. When more formal actions are required, Christopher Benjamin and his team at ILP is able to utilize the full range of tools provided in Florida’s Administrative Procedure Act for the purpose of obtaining the desired results for our clients.

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