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We provide knowledgeable and experienced attorneys in the area of Guardianship. We can effectively and efficiently handle any Guardianship situation which may arise. We assist our clients in establishing Guardianship, filing required annual reports with the courts, petitions for permission in various situations and documents required to terminate a Guardianship when it is no longer necessary.

Our attorneys can assist you in establishing Guardianship for minors who have received assets due to inheritance or accident settlements. The Barrister Firm also handles Guardianship of adults who have become incompetent through illness, age or injury and now need a Guardian to handle their financial affairs and make their important health decisions.

Adults who are competent now but anticipate the need for a Guardianship in the future, either for themselves or their heirs, are also encouraged to work in conjunction with our Wealth Transfer, Estate Planning and Trusts department to plan for their needs so that a Guardianship will not be necessary.

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