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Special Magistrate

The Special Magistrate is an attorney and member of the Florida Bar who is appointed by the City Council to preside over code enforcement matters. The Special Magistrate has the jurisdiction and authority to hear and decide alleged violations and exercise the powers of a Code Enforcement Board as provided in chapter 162, Florida Statutes.

  • City of South Bay, FL

       Special Magistrate (August 2014 – September 2022)


  • City of Hallandale Beach, FL

       Special Magistrate (June 2014 – January 2015)


  • City of North Miami, FL

       Special Magistrate (April 2014 – November 2020)

  • City of Opa Locka, FL

       Special Magistrate (November 2012 – September 2022)


Special Master:

The use of Special Masters in discovery is relatively common. A Special Master can manage a discovery plan, issue orders resolving discovery disputes, make recommendations to the judge, and monitor ongoing discovery. The use of a Special Master as to discovery has long ago proven to be a cost-effective manner in which to expedite and streamline complex litigation.



Another adjunct to the Court system is a Receiver, this individual would hold and conserve property until a dispute is resolved. A Receiver can also be given extensive responsibilities during the pendency of a case. Most times Receivers are actually appointed to oversee a business or real estate property as well as the selling or leasing of particular assets. A Receiver is another cost-effective way by which to limit parties’ disputes and provide means by which a case can be easily resolved.

Christopher has the legal and judicial experience that makes him especially equipped to provide exceptional services in these special adjunct roles. Contact him to get pricing and scheduling:


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