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For twenty years, Christopher has given of his time, resources, and talents by building a law practice responsive to the needs of the people, being a fair and empathetic figure on the Bench, and serving on community boards to further their causes in addressing the internal needs of their communities and serving on civic advisory boards with government agencies to assist in making sure that they have community input and advocacy that makes government more responsive to its constituents.


Muslim American Lawmakers Mark Historic Firsts Across Several States | HuffPost

Five Democratic politicians made history last night by becoming the first Muslim state legislative lawmakers in Wisconsin, Florida and Delaware.


Representatives Morales and Benjamin’s Bill Allowing Educational Opportunities for Disabled Veterans Passes First Committee » Florida National News

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FNN) - State Representatives Daisy Morales and Christopher Benjamin introduced HB 1347 to the Local Administration and Veteran Affairs Subcommittee.


Florida House moves forward on health care liability protections for COVID

In a bipartisan vote, a House panel on Wednesday agreed to move forward with a bill that would make it harder to sue nursing homes, hospitals and physicians because of alleged negligence related to COVID-19.